The Lion that got its Courage

 After reviewing my pre-production note, Blog Post #3, I have come to realize that my strengths and weaknesses remain. Nevertheless, my strengths have become stronger and my weaknesses have also. I am now able to take a stance from multiple perspectives and thoroughly analyze from those respective perceptions. I am Continue reading

The DOUBLE AA: Articulate and Analyze

I am an extremely analytical human being. I am always curious about the how and why things occur. Analogies have always been a learning and memory aid for me. I use analogies to make connections with whatever I am attempting to learn. With the combination of these factors, critical analyzations Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Alina

Doing a podcast is something I never did before and is something I never had the urge to do. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of teens, adults and even little kids have blogs and podcasts because that is the norm and the hype for the moment. Some of my close Continue reading