Dystopia in pandemic??

Living in the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic has allowed me to realize some dystopian characteristics. I have noticed a sense of unreality and an increase of government oppression.I believe there is an increase of government oppression because the United States unemployment claimed to soar near 4.4 million people and Continue reading

The Dystopian Candidate

In 2016, the United States experienced an unprecedented affront to national sensibility. Donald J. Trump, the Dystopian Candidate, splashed on the scene. He was an unexpected and offensive candidate who played the heart strings of bigots across the world. Disgruntled white men who had long been looking for a place Continue reading

Proficiency Check #2

Critically analyze contemporary events. I believe that my reception of contemporary events has somewhat stayed the same. I’m still engaged with current events in the world, not just in the U.S. I think that the recent pandemic outbreak has a lot to do with that, as I’m constantly receiving more Continue reading

Halfway There! (Midterm Check-In)

In the past few classes, we have started to discuss our annotated readings in class. I appreciate this approach because it helps me synthesize different sources of information and apply them to different articles I’ve read, movies I’ve watched or real-life events I’ve seen on the news. I also think Continue reading