Dystopia in pandemic??

Living in the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic has allowed me to realize some dystopian characteristics. I have noticed a sense of unreality and an increase of government oppression.I believe there is an increase of government oppression because the United States unemployment claimed to soar near 4.4 million people and Continue reading

Why Robocop Is Dystopian To Me

A police officer named Murphy lives in a futuristic version of Detroit with his family and is fighting crime on streets. The corporate mogul of a security technology agency called RoboCorp is responsible for Murphy being killed in front of his home. Murphy`s body dies, but his brain is salvaged Continue reading

Coronavirus: the Next Research Project?

The Coronavirus has intensified the latent dystopian nature of our society. For example, propagandistic media has become part of our everyday lives, starting at the top of the federal government. Every day, the president holds a press conference where his vice president holds up a chart reminding American citizens about Continue reading

This Ain`t Dystopian, This Is Irresponsible

I would like to speak from my point of view because the Coronavirus is a lot like Thanksgiving, it apparently means something different to everyone. I have no problem telling my audience in advance, to wash their hands. However, it seems that the citizens from the southern and northern-midwest regions Continue reading