The Purge: An Analysis

The Purge was centered around one night of the year where civilians were given the opportunity to commit any crime without punishment for 12 hours. It was focused around a small family in the neighborhood and their experience throughout the night of the purge. The father sold top notch security Continue reading

The Purge: A Realistic yet Improbable World

The movie “The Purge” is set within a single night in America during the year of 2022 where out of all the year one night is designated to uninhibited violence that includes all crimes even murder that anyone can perpetuate without any consequences. This violence lasts a total of 24 Continue reading

The Purge Critique

The Purge is a dystopian movie centered around the American government sanctioning a 12-hour period during one day of the year in which all crimes were legal including the murder of anybody other than government officials. The Purge was implemented to reduce criminal activity throughout the year. The movie was Continue reading

Purge: The Impossible Possibility

The movie the purge is an interesting one. People often describe the idea of it as farfetched, or in my own words, stupid. But being completely honest, after the presidential election that allowed Trump to become the leader of our country, I believe anything inhumane can happen to this little Continue reading

A Critique of The Purge’s Dystopian Elements

The Purge is a movie that depicts a society in which crime and poverty are all but eradicated through an annual Purge Night where all crime is legal for a period of 12 hours. On this particular Purge Night, a man and his family prepare for the Purge by arming their Continue reading

Is a Purge Possible?

The Purge (2013) is a film that showcases an America contorted into a  heinous state of war for one night a year. For 364 days, the country is expected to follow laws and there is active government involvement in public safety thanks to police and other emergency services. But that Continue reading

Purge and Dystopian Perspective

The Purge was directed by James DeMonaco and released May 31, 2013 (USA). This film takes place in the United States. It is classified as a dystopia, here morality has no existence. The government sanctions an annual twelve-hour sanction where crime is legal. This includes murder. Well off, protagonist James Continue reading

Crime is Peace: The Purge as a Dystopia

The Purge is a horror/thriller movie that portrays American society in a new light. In this movie the country now participates in a national annual event called “the purge”. The purge gives the people of the country 24 hours to do whatever they please. All illegal activity including murder is Continue reading

Survive the Night

The Purge movie (2013) was about a United States that was seen to be overpopulated and an annual purge was implemented to keep crime rates low and drop the unemployment percentage. During the purge, all citizens are allotted 12 hours each year to commit any crime and not be subject Continue reading