Blog Post 3

Critical analysis has been very new in my college career. As the course level rises so do the requirements and with that, I am writing more critical analysis of nonfictional texts and primary sources. These types of documents are much easier to analyze because its fact based. With that being Continue reading

My Own Competence

Considering I’m a mass communication major and creative writing minor, I think analyzing films is one of my favorite things to do. Relating to my major, I’ve had classes like Media Criticism, Film Appreciation, and currently Intro to Mass Communication Research, that specifically that is all we do. So, critiquing Continue reading

Dear Production Note

Wow Wow. I can’t believe I just got here! It’s already been three weeks since we started Dystopias otherwise known as XCORE 3010 in the registrar’s office. I’m already learning a ton of cool things. I didn’t think I would be ready to be in a podcast anytime soon but Continue reading

The DOUBLE AA: Articulate and Analyze

I am an extremely analytical human being. I am always curious about the how and why things occur. Analogies have always been a learning and memory aid for me. I use analogies to make connections with whatever I am attempting to learn. With the combination of these factors, critical analyzations Continue reading

Critical Thinking Skills

I believe that my sense of competence with critically analyzing fictional texts and films is adequate. Through high school AP classes and previous college courses, I have a lot of experience with analyzing texts of all genres. I have always been a reader and enjoy analyzing what I have read Continue reading

Learning to learn: Production Note

While reflecting upon myself and my learning skills over life I realized that I am still learning to learn. There is no one specific learning style that suits me well because I am varied. How I interpret and learn new knowledge highly depends on the subject I am attempting to Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Alina

Doing a podcast is something I never did before and is something I never had the urge to do. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of teens, adults and even little kids have blogs and podcasts because that is the norm and the hype for the moment. Some of my close Continue reading

TV Turned My Brains to Mush (and Helped Me Understand Humanity)

Since the ninth grade, I have been a fiend for stories, especially those in television and film. I would spend all of my spare time “catching up on my shows,” even while completing tasks like homework or doing the dishes. I would watch television as a way to unwind from Continue reading

Production Note Nerves

I feel that my ability to critically analyze fictional films and texts through writing is pretty well developed. However, sometimes when I have to speak in a large setting I second guess my thoughts or opinions and mince my words, therefore muddling my overall point and its effectiveness. I prefer Continue reading

Can You Spot Your Flaws?

I think I am well-developed self-regulated learner. Being self-regulated requires one to be self-motivated and self-aware. I am very motivated to always learn more than just the surface of topics, instead I enjoy looking at things from a symbolic stand point that can be applied to a variety of things. Continue reading