Post podcast

Working on the podcast was a unique experience because I have never done anything like that before. After having to work with my group the entire semester, I begin to warm up and get more comfortable completing task with them. My experience and comfortability grew as time progressed and I Continue reading

Group Projects

In my experience working in a group, I have encountered both the good and bad. While I didn’t have a group for the podcast project, I have worked in several groups in my academic and occupational career. With that, I can say my ability is profound, but my comfort level Continue reading

The Early Bird

Contrary to the Podcast Pre-Production blog post, in which I was set to make a podcast that would be both entertaining and informative, I was asked by my friend if I would do a research paper with him instead. So naturally, I accepted his invitation, and we chose to explore Continue reading

Podcast Post-Production

It depends on the task for me. There are people who prefer to work independently rather than working in a group. At first, our group wasn’t really reaching out to one another but everything eventually started coming together. I have had many experiences with group projects and have had some Continue reading