In Robinson’s essay, “Dystopia’s now”, he categorizes four ways of viewing the world: dystopia, utopia, anti-utopia, and anti-anti utopia thinkers. I think to say I am an anti-utopia thinker would be too pessimistic, and to say I am a utopia thinker would be too optimistic. To be an anti-anti utopia Continue reading

Dystopian Thinker

 I believe I am a dystopian thinker The reason why I believe that I am a dystopian thinker is because I always feel like I’m in survival mode. While growing up, I was always a fan of dystopian movies because I felt like I could relate to the pain they Continue reading


In Robinson’s essay, “Dystopia Now”, he touches on four types of thinkers that one can be: Utopian thinkers, Dystopian thinkers, Anti-Utopian thinkers, and Anti-Anti-Utopian thinkers. I think would place myself as either Anti-anti-Utopian or Dystopian. I like to situate myself as someone who believes that everyone should focus on the Continue reading

Hoping for Utopia

It is hard to tell if I am a utopian, dystopian, or anti- anti- utopian thinker. According to Robinson, utopians believe that “the political order could be run better”, dystopians believe “that the political order could get worse”, and anti-anti- utopians believe that the idea of anti- utopias, “the idea Continue reading