“No Place” Left.

Dystopia: A speculated society or community where the state of being and condition of life is oppressive and frightening. When analyzing a society and deeming it as a dystopia, there are certain characteristics it must possess. This includes but is not limited to conformation, surveillance, mass propaganda and restriction of Continue reading

What is a Dystopia?

The word “Dystopia” is used to describe a world in which people live dangerous, suppressed, inhumane lives. Often these worlds exist in a post-world war or post-apocalyptic setting in some way. It is important to also note that in these worlds, society is often separated by extreme gaps in wealth Continue reading


Dystopia- a falsified reality created an elite class used to control an institution by imposing an authoritarian ideology A dystopia is often seen, even at surface level, to be and represent everything bad; however, that isn’t the case.To define something as being dystopian we must first look at the principles Continue reading

The Gaze of Reality

Dystopia – A hypothetical universe in which moral or dictatorial authority maintains oppressive societal control to promote a flawless society. To recognize a dystopia, one must simply look upon the reality that is our current world. We have somehow tricked ourselves into thinking that a dystopia is only seen when the world is doused in Continue reading