The Purge Critique

The Purge is a dystopian movie centered around the American government sanctioning a 12-hour period during one day of the year in which all crimes were legal including the murder of anybody other than government officials. The Purge was implemented to reduce criminal activity throughout the year. The movie was Continue reading

A Critique of The Purge’s Dystopian Elements

The Purge is a movie that depicts a society in which crime and poverty are all but eradicated through an annual Purge Night where all crime is legal for a period of 12 hours. On this particular Purge Night, a man and his family prepare for the Purge by arming their Continue reading

The Influence of Fascism

“Ur-fascism” is about the effect of ideologies such as fascism on people in Italy and breaking down the different aspects of fascism. The article breaks down Ur-Fascism into various aspects and beliefs associated with it. The major categories were xenophobia, elitism, heroism, and selective populism. The author focuses on what Continue reading

Is Fascism a dystopian concept?

In the article “Ur Fascism”, Umberto Eco highlights the various aspects pertaining to fascism going into specific detail about how it came into existence and eventually evolved into a more general term over time. Eco argues that unlike other totalitarian governments whether it be Nazism or Stalinism, Fascism particularly that Continue reading

Understanding Ur-Fascism

Umberto Eco describes his early years and what he remembers to be the Fascist regime. The passage explains that during their formative years, the young Italians are taught to do anything for their country. Dying for their country was the best (and most highly recommended answer). As the passage progresses Continue reading

Ur-Fascism in 1984

Ur-Fascism by Umberto Eco is an article about Eco’s personal experience with Italian fascism along with a synopsis of how it compares to German fascism and the general connotation of fascism. He talks about how his heroes considered of war heroes and how there was no peace without war. In Continue reading

Ur-A Little Hard To Understand

The article titled, “Ur-Facism” by Umberto Eco features a tidal wave of information about what Fascism is according to Westerners, what Fascism is according to Italians what it could look like in the future. Eco begins the article with some background about the Italian version of fascism and compares it Continue reading

Feelings About Learning

I sense that I am becoming more comfortable observing behaviors in literature and movies that relate to dystopian societies. I have a greater understanding of what emotions a person may be going through when faced with a society that does not encourage individuality, independence or equality among its citizens. Reading Continue reading

The Grey Areas

            From my understanding of dystopias, real, and imagined, fictional texts and films typically portray their contemporary moment artistically. In 2018 The First Purge was released. This is the most current Purge movie and ironically is relevant to our present political moment. Although it is dramatized there are correlations between the Continue reading