Contagion: A COVID-19 Pandemic Prediction?

Contagion is a movie about the world as it goes through a pandemic due to a virus contracted from bats, to pigs, and then through people who travelled from Hong Kong, China. The story circulates around the people and the government response for controlling and containing the virus along with Continue reading


Divergent is a futuristic world in which society has divided into five factions. These factions are called Abnegation, Candor, Amity, Dauntless, and Erudite. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. Tris Prior, who is the main character and is Continue reading

Snowpiercer Critique

Snowpiercer starring Chris Evans is a suspenseful, action filled film in which we get to witness a bloody revolt against an oppressive class system. The movie displays a dystopian world in which Earth has frozen over, and the extreme cold has exterminated nearly all of humanity. The last few living Continue reading

American Education: Dystopia in the Making

            The purpose of this course is to reveal the similarities between fictional dystopian worlds and our own constantly evolving society. It is always frightening to discover that the foundations of a dystopian society already find their homes in the basis of our societal structures without much notice from the public. Continue reading

Dystopia Defined In Just 19 Words

Xavier University, Secondary education, and America’s system is a lot of things, but a dystopia is not one. My university along with other institutions of higher learning aren’t dystopias. Based on our evolving definition of a dystopia, I would just say it is just corrupted. A dystopia based on our class’ Continue reading

College is A Dystopia…Unless…No…Kinda?

The Western higher education system is fairly dystopian in nature. Several themes that pervade dystopian literature like 1984 are present in the ways that colleges and universities operate throughout the country. While these dystopian elements are not as strictly imposed as one would thinkMuch like the society of 1984, college Continue reading

University of Dystopia

Based on our definition of dystopia, I would say aspects of University life is dystopian. The regulation of both behavior and physical bodies on our campus is what makes this University dystopian. I find that when a University’s administration is out of touch with its students and inconsiderate of their Continue reading