Survive the Night

The Purge movie (2013) was about a United States that was seen to be overpopulated and an annual purge was implemented to keep crime rates low and drop the unemployment percentage. During the purge, all citizens are allotted 12 hours each year to commit any crime and not be subject to federal prosecution. In this particular movie, a fairly wealthy family brings a wounded man into their secured home to save him from the ‘purgers’ but little did they know this would put them in much danger. The bulk of the movie is spent on the family trying to fight off the outsiders that had entered their home to kill them because they refused to give up the wounded man. 

In my own opinion, I do believe the Purge is a realistic film but I do not think it is very possible or probable. It just would not make sense to allow citizens to kill each other just to keep the crime and unemployment rates down. I feel there are other humane ways to handle those issues. This film is indeed a dystopia simply based on the fact the government is having such great control over the people. Which directly fits our evolving definition we have because these citizens are living a very restricted life under their government. The poor are not capable of using the same resources the rich have so they tend to be among the first to die off. Despite their resources, the rich may experience a lot of hate because they are better off than others. The wounded man who was honestly the focal point of the movie happened to be black which unveiled that during this purge, economic status was not the only the way for one to become prey. It could be based on their race, gender, sexuality and any other demographics that define individuals that cannot necessarily be changed because they were born that way. Another way to view this is that the oppressors were the people engaging in the purge since they were actively going out to kill while others were just trying to survive forcing them to partake in those activities even if it was not what they truly wanted to do. 

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