The Dysto(SICK) Society

Dystopia is a place where a society is being maintained in a corrupted and unpleasant environment.

It’s reasonable to say that our world has evolved into a dystopian nightmare. Not in the manner of George Orwell’s 1984, when they harass their population and keep them in a state of continual uncertainty, but in a more subtle way, where they govern our bodies and control our spending. They encourage violence, confine people to hospitals, and then enable man-made pharmaceuticals and prescriptions to interfere with our bodies’ natural defenses against sickness. For example, according to and the hospital’s intercom, a mass shooting based on a quarrel occurred this past Sunday, leaving three individuals totally injured and some reports claiming that some people were killed. These citizens go to the hospital, pay a high price for healthcare, are urged to fill as many prescriptions as the doctor can, and are then expected to come home and pay rent and any other expenditures that keep them working.

  It’s a vicious cycle, and many African-Americans are suffering at a more devious rate. They placed the bulk of black people in substandard areas and put a liquor shop in the center of that community instead of a Whole Foods. The educational systems in that area are often corrupt, and the continual threat of violence and crime puts residents on high alert. These are all variables in how we are governed; cities have the funds to improve these areas, but instead we’re spending 450 million dollars remodeling superdomes. They have to keep the cycle going, and that, in my opinion, is a dystopia in and of itself.

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