The Dystopian School System

I believe America’s higher educational system is a system put in place for certain individuals to be set for life, but other individuals to be consumed with debt for the entirety of their life or most of their adult life. Of course there are exceptions: people with scholarships, people who are fortunate enough to make enough money to pay off their debt, and the wealthy. We all want a higher education, due to better opportunities and a comfortable lifestyle but the system put in place makes it hard for people to succeed after that education, or even get an education in general.

The higher educational system can definitely be seen as a dystopia in the fact that there is always someone who is controlling your finances, which in turn can hinder your learning abilities. I remember I was so obsessed with keeping my scholarship in college so I could stay in school, that much of the information that was being taught had bypassed my mind. Higher education can be a hassle if you’re not able to afford it. 

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