New Law: NO LAWS!

The Purge is about a world where crime for one night is considered legal. Lawlessness is the new law for 12 hours straight. Let us first dissect the time at which the commencement of the purge takes place: at night, in the darkness… I find it very predictable how the commencement of the purge happens throughout the dark, mostly because crime happens during the evening, around 9 p.m. then drops at a low point around 6 a.m. Darkness is a symbol for evil, fear, and mystery which is everything that the government is trying to instill in the citizens’ hearts during the purge. 

The purge is a gift to the nation by cleansing the impurities of a sinful people. This does not make sense, seeing how most of the crime displayed in the Purge was related to murder and rape. This is very aggravating in the sense that those bodies and newly lifeless bodies will always be in their hands whether they choose to acknowledge that or not. For people like the protagonist’s family, it is easy to just watch crime while they sit in their highly secured home. In order for the plot to continue, the two children obviously make mistakes of separation and letting strangers into their home which causes chaos throughout the movie. 

Overall, this was a very sick movie to watch and it was very unrealistic due to the children . This movie speaks to society, politics, and humans in general and how we must learn to put aside our differences to try and survive a lawless world. We must help our neighbor, but we must also protect our family which is something that the family seemed to struggle with all throughout the movie.

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