G.R.O.U.P. (The G is for Growth)

Working in a group has always been a delightful experience for me. I enjoy getting to meet new faces, and working with different personalities. Not only do I think it builds character, but it also prepares you for the real world because you will have to deal with many different kinds of people and face many challenges that you would not face working independently. Working in a group also helps you develop stronger communication skills and it allows you to see how people view you as well. Shockingly, my first group project in my college experience was last year. It went very well and it was nice seeing a new perspective and enhancing my knowledge from someone else’s learning skills. We had very different personalities, but we were both willing to learn from each other, so our group project thrived based on our willingness to grow.

One of the most difficult skills I had to learn during the beginning of this pandemic was increasing my technology skills. I have not always been tech savvy, and it was a challenge when all our teachers moved all of our assignments and projects online, but I knew it was a skill I needed to master in order to succeed. During the pandemic, I had a class that required us to make a eportfolio that allowed us to share ourselves and what we ultimately thought of the class. I had to make videos and slideshow presentations that appealed to the entire class and then upload it to a platform that allowed the entire class to view it. I believe my ability to use technology can definitely strengthen, but it’s also grown tremendously from where I started. 

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