Dystopia: A Corrupted Society

Definition: A dictatorship-ruled civilization that is a result of either a post-apocalyptic or post-societal collapse; it is unjust to the 99 percent of the population for the 1% ‘s pleasure and gain.

The dystopian societies that are most familiar to me by books or films are usually centered around a natural disaster or apocalypse that causes the particular society to disrupt in chaos. The book that comes to my mind is Fahrenheit 451 because it showcases how technology negatively affects society. The film that comes to mind is the Handmaid’s Tale because it takes away one’s freedom. Chaos could result in famine, theft, murder, violence, assault, and many more discrepancies that cause the original society to disrupt in disorder. Many of these societies result in the survival of the fittest. When chaos arises, it is natural for humans to look for a leader to lead them out of disorderly civilization.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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