Podcast Update

So far, our group is adhering to copyright rules and IP laws. Whenever we plan to relate anything to Walking Dead, we cite where the source came from. For example when referencing to the novel we read first we plan to state something similar to “In George Orwell’s “1984” …” that way the original source is being cited and does not go against any rules. We have mentioned adding clips to our podcast, but now realizing it can be a liability we will probably go back and decide if these audio and video clips are absolutely necessary.

It’s also important that we make sure the music we are using is appropriate. Ideally, we hope to use audio that only requires we cite the creator being that this would be much easier than attaining any additional rights. The music will more than likely be some form of background instrumental music. The IP and copyright information given this week was extremely helpful, and moving forward we will continue to ask and find out if our entire podcast adheres to these laws.  

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