Is teamwork your ideal method?

Working in a group setting is something I enjoy when all parties are contributing the same amount of effort. I always feel like the product of teamwork is more creative because there is more than one mind being used to create the product. I like being able to bounce ideas off one another and mix and match different ideas to produce great work. Growing up I was used to doing more work in group projects because of fear that the other members were not going to complete their share, but I sometimes found that I was not always giving them ample time to do so. In college I feel that I have gotten a lot better with this and communicate with my group members more to all stay on the same page.

I am very capable of using and figuring out how to work new technology. With everything being so tech-driven it is important to stay up to date with the new methods used to communicate with those in our community and all around the world. By creating a podcast, we are opening our opinions and thoughts to the entire world so that we can spread a new perspective and help promote a society that prides itself in understanding the ways of others. While I do not know all of the different methods and websites for communication and getting messages to the masses, I will try my best to navigate any technology that I come across.

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