Utopian Mindset

I don’t necessarily agree with Kim Stanley Robinsons’s idea of overcoming a dystopia. I think many individuals that live through a dystopia always carry a tiny bit of hope in overcoming the obstacle but that doesn’t solve it. Facing reality of their situations will make an individual react in an appropriate manner to get out the situation. For example in 1984, although Winston dreamed of a world where his opinion mattered, he also faced reality and covered up cameras and was very sneaky with his every move. When he was confronted by the mind controller he knew he had to give in to survive.

I can agree with her to an extent. When individuals believe and focus on the good that could happen they try their hardest to achieve it. Utopian thinking allows people to view the bigger picture and keep an optimistic mindset. With individuals keeping an optimistic mind that will allow them to not focus on the negative and drown in all the negativity.

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