Podcast Thoughts

My past experiences with group assignments varies between grim and adequate incidents. The good side of working in a group we are able to bounce our ideas off of one another and get feedback on the topic to perfect it. This helps with the betterment of the project. Another upside to group assignments is we could split the project up and assign a certain individual to one section so they could master it. This method helps people from getting too overwhelmed with a project. I easily get along with others so during the group activity we could corporate together easily and make the best of the project. The downside to group assignments are the team members that don’t do their part in the project. From past experiences, I have been apart of a group assignment where the entire presentation depended on the entire group and we only get one grade. This way of grading was not fair to everyone because if one person didn’t do their part it effected the other group members grades. I am very skeptical about group assignments because of this.

I am not very experienced with using technology to communicate with large audiences. I am knowledgable in things such as Powerpoint or Excel ,but things like the podcast I have never done before. I mainly only technology when I am on social media. I am a fast learner and very open minded so it wouldn’t be hard to teach me ways to expand my technology skills.

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