Look into Mad Max

Mad Max Fury Road is taken place in this post apocalyptic desert waste world where all of the natural resources are scarce, destroyed and no humanity is present. It captures the excessive use of violence and introduces many dystopian aspects. Throughout the entire film violence is depicted and it is because of dictatorship not wanting to feel a lost of control. It illustrates oppression, totalitarian government, and evilness. The purpose of the film is to show the audience what life would be like if the world was destroyed with ounce of humanity gone how we would have to survive with scarcity of materials.

A dystopian element presented in the film is the oppression towards the women in the film. They were treated as property and used for their bodies so Immortal Joe can have children. This is a sense of oppression by the use of powerlessness and exploitation of the wives. When the wive that was pregnant died, he cared less about her body and more about cutting her body open to get the child out. The violence is brought on by Immortan Joe wanting the enslaved wives returned back to him. During the entire movie Furiosa and Max team up to escape the hold of Immortal Joe to return to her homeland with the wives, where everything is peaceful and plentiful. Also the use of the face guards they put on people individuals they capture faces. This Illustrates a dystopian view because it is designed to restrain that individual from being themselves and make them feel less of a person.

I can compare the film to Orwell 1984 because in the book they wanted complete body and mind control. If the people in 1984 did not obey by the rules then they would be tutored and made back to an obedient, absent minded individual. They have levels in society where certain rules can be tolerated and certain powers are granted. In Mad Max Fury, Immortal Joe also has complete control over the War Boys who have to listen to his every command or gets punished. This film presents a lot of similarity but Mad Max Fury Road presents more violence.

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