Is this a Dystopian Government ?

I believe a democratic government is the least dystopian type of government a society can have. This is the sort of government the United States currently possess. A democratic government allows citizens to have a say so in what happens locally and nationally. It permits citizens to make their own decisions and vote in individuals that follow the similar beliefs or mindsets as they do. Citizens are given equal rights throughout the country to help vote these representatives in, which allows the some opportunity to help make decisions on most laws.

Although the democratic government has its benefits, it is not always seen as such. Due to many different individuals being able to vote, many feel as if sometime their votes mean nothing. Masses think this because if their side of the vote doesn’t come in favor they would have to live with the limitations another being has come up with it. For example, the laws on abortion. Many feel like women should not have an abortion and the other half believes women should have a say so regarding their own bodies. Even though there are some crack in a democratic government, it doesn’t add up to be a dystopian government. The most type of dystopian government would be a dictatorship where only one person has absolute power and gives out many limitations.

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