Is the Dystopian way, the normal way?

A dystopia is a society that is flawed and not ideal. The meaning is not based upon complete fearful and dehumanized lives. A dystopian life is a society or lifestyle that shows the imperfections in humans and the government. Many individuals refer to the perfect society, Utopia, as the complete opposite, I too believe it is the opposite ,but I feel that nothing can be a complete perfection.

It feels as if we are currently living in a dystopia, in regards to the pandemic and all injustice acts towards African Americans. The corona virus demonstrates the dehumanized and flawed society by having a disease that has killed millions of individuals. Also how the society is conformed to wearing face mask simply for survival. It is aimed towards African Americans by the corrupt and dysfunctional justice system, which instills fear into the African American society. This is similar to the film “The Handmaids Tale,” style of government. In the film the government is instilling fear into women. Our society is not close to Utopia because we (society) try to make things picture perfect although, it is far from it, and we also tend to demonstrate many imperfections and flaws on a daily.

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