Is college the modern dystopia?

Higher education can be considered many things, but is it so bad it can be considered our modern dystopia? Higher education is something we have to go through just to achieve the comfortable life we want with no worries. College definitely has some similarities to dystopias, like the money and challenges we have to face just to get an education. If we look at the cost of college. We are paying thousands of dollars for an educational experience when knowledge is something every individual should have free access too. This causes individuals to acquire debt and loans that they are stuck paying for years. College is a package deal with stress, anxiety, and long nights. Students are glued to work from the beginning to end of college and that leads to stress and anxiety for the need to succeed. Also sometime professors nor administrators have your best interest and want to help out and only pile more work on you, this can get exhausting.

Although, there are many ways college can be seen as a dystopia it also has its good moments that go against that. In college you will gain insight on many things that will help you in the future and everyday life. College shapes you as an individual and allows you to receive multiple “wake up calls,” during the time. Higher education creates bonds with lifelong friends and connections which will always be needed. Although college can be stressful with loans and workloads, it doesn’t fit up to the lines of a true dystopia.

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