Special Research Project

Students selecting to participate in the special research project will work together with Dr. Todd to begin building a database of dystopian media. Using the various lists available in the Library section of this web site, we will research and write metadata for each entry.

Through the research for this project, students will still meet the learning outcomes for the assignment and the class. Whereas students working on their own research projects will develop their knowledge of dystopias through focused research and analysis of a single piece of dystopian media, students working on the special research project will do so through a broad and expansive exploration of many different works of dystopian media.


  • Students will devote 1 to 2 hours each week on this project.
  • Students will work together to avoid any duplication of effort and to share resources.
  • Students will regularly enter their work into the shared spreadsheet (while being sure not to alter the data entered by others).
  • Students will document all sources used in the compilation of the summaries they write.
  • Students will write a research project reflection that considers how their understanding of imaginary dystopias has changed as a result of their work on this project.

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