Snowpiercing My Mind

      The snowpiercer is a dystopian film that focuses on how the world would react to a crisis that wipes out most of the human population by snow. After most of the population is discontinued on earth, a small percentage of the world is supposedly lucky by surviving on an international train. The international train not only serves as housing for the rest of the community left alive, but it also keeps the structure of class in place which causes for a rebellion against the people in power. As people at the tail of the train are deprived of a civil living by eating gelatin made of bugs, sleeping in cramped rooms, and are sometimes taken away for tasks in the front of the train, it becomes apparent that something has to be changed after being forced to live like this for fifteen years. The main character, Curtis, leads the people at the tail of the train into rebellion and through many mini attacks, sabotages, and traps it becomes apparent that there is a fear for the earth outside of the train because the passengers have been taught that it will only kill them.  Namgoong Mansu challenges that theory throughout the whole movie after he and his daughter are awaken from captivity.

    The movie is brutal, disheartening, but captivating and will have you choosing sides quickly. I do believe it can happen. One thing the movie revealed to me is that even when society is given a chance for revival or a new start, humans will always choose to make someone the underdog rather than put people on the same level. There will always be power struggles because, relating to one of our articles that we read, the ego of mankind has to always be fed so they can feel superior to someone else. If anything, in terms of class, the movie can be related to American society because we structured set in place for the same thing, but a clear example can be seen through the stimulus checks that are to be sent out. 

    During this time of “quarantine” and social distancing, people have lost their jobs, been at a loss for resources, struggled to figure out how to support their families and the government has acknowledged that… so they decided to help, but only so much. Even though the government has decided to freeze rent payments or give out stimulus checks, what is to be done when those payments are no longer frozen and people have to come up with three months rent while they have been unemployed? How are stimulus checks supposed help those in need when they’re being taxed? It’s the bare minimum is my point and it relates to the Snowpiercer because the ones in power did the bare minimum to keep the community in the tail of the train alive, but not satisfied. Overall, the movie is beautiful, I would just prefer it be a little violent.

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