Three Aspects That Make My Utopia

A utopia is a perfect world which is honestly something hard to think about when you’re used to imperfection. My utopia focuses on three main aspects. The following aspects are in my utopia because it’s something that ultimately makes up our real-world dystopias. The first one focuses on society. Society is defined as a group of people who live within an area underneath the same political system and share a similar culture. Within our society, people typically follow what others deem as acceptable and there’s an overwhelming weight on making sure you look, speak, and act the part that society deems as worthy. There’s also this false sense of being yourself, but when you are doing just that others still judge you. Although I understand that there is a balance in life, most times, according to society’s standards, you can never be enough. There seems to always be something. In my utopia, everyone will uplift others and we would move based on community instead of societal standards. Although in my utopia humans will still have their flaws, they won’t be ridiculed or feel less than others for not being like the majority. This aligns with my idea of showcasing love. Humans have always been so quick to respond to negative emotions instead of healthily recognizing them and letting them out. In my utopia, everyone will have the ability to understand their emotions and healthily release them so that they won’t end up in a war with others or themselves. Lastly, moral alignment will be the key piece to my utopia. We all know that money and power rule this world. Some people are greedy and people who don’t care at all. If we had some moral alignment between the two, I honestly don’t think there would be any conflict because there would be no desire for it. Therefore, luxury would not be emphasized as money would just be a means of living. Overall when I think of my utopia, I think of a place where there’s community instead of society, more showcases of love instead of quick reactions to hate, and people with similar morals.

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