Is Climate Change a Form of Oppression?

Climate change is a discussion that has had a lot of speculation around it. Some see climate change as a result of mankind not taking care of our planet. However, some see climate change as a fluke though evidence suggests that the climate has changed drastically. When talking about shifts in the climate, the main question that arises is if weather control affects this shift. This form of control over the weather could potentially be a form of oppression. Since the government can control the rain and certain natural disasters there are ways to help the planet, but there are also ways to hinder it. A common way of controlling the weather is cloud seeding. This process drops crystals into clouds to create rain. This can be seen as beneficial in some aspects. For instance, if California is having a drought, the government has ways to aid with the rain. However, cloud seeding can cause too much rain resulting in a flood, or it can have adverse effects that alter the natural balance on our planet. Weather modification also can be targeted to a specific location. For example, the state of Louisiana has had its fair share of natural disasters. The state has not been able to recover from everything that it has been hit with but could this be done on purpose? If we consider other states like Florida and even Texas that experience the same type of weather, but quickly recover, why is Louisiana getting hit so hard? Mind you Louisiana is the number one state in crime and is considered one of the poorest states in the country. Could the government intentionally be keeping Louisiana in its current state through natural disasters? The general idea of climate change on the planet isn’t a form of oppression, but it could be used as one.

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