Is utopia the answer?

Although I don’t believe that utopian societies can exist, I do take a big part in exercising utopian thinking. Utopian thinking can be compared to optimism, having the courage/power to look at the big picture and exclude the things that repel us. Everyday we use utopian thinking to get us through the hours, the weeks, the months, the years; here lies all of our hopes and dreams. If we simply gave up on that then we would be conforming to all of the bad things that happen in our lives, accepting that nothing we could do can make it better. In that sense I disagree, the universe is a beautiful place and the energy that you put in, you will get out. Slavery lasted for generations, and mental slavery is still happening; but if those people decided to conform to their situation, abandon their faith- fall into pessimistic thinking.. well I wouldn’t be here writing this blog post. So, while there is no true utopian society I do know everything is constantly changing, sometimes in your favor and sometimes not but thats life. Keep your utopian thinking, it might just save you.

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