Dystopian Society

A dystopia is a pseudo reality that mirrors the post apocalyptic phase in life, enriched with injustice and constant surveillance.

To imagine a dystopian society you have to first know its opposite, a utopia. This is a perfect reality where nothing goes wrong and everything is peaceful, therefore its antonym a dystopia describes restlessness and constant looking over your shoulder. An example of this is the movie “What Happened to Monday?”; this movie takes place in a dystopian society where parents are only allowed to have one-child due to over population. However, a family that has a set of septuplets must avoid being seen at the same time to avoid governmental execution. They even go as far as using the same alias name “Karen”. This is a perfect example of how careful and dangerous a dystopian society can be; you are basically stripped of free will and have to follow government orders at the risk of your life.

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