What is the best form of government?

I think that a democratic government would be the least likely government for a dystopian society. A democratic government takes the votes of the people to choose the best possible person to govern the people which is the exact opposite of how a dystopian society works. In a dystopian society, like in Hunger Games specifically, the Capitol had President Snow who decided that the districts would get less food, less than ideal living situations, and would participate in the games. Though people disagreed with his decisions, they weren’t allowed to do anything about it because they knew that they would probably end up dead. President Snow abused his power and led through fear just because he could. 

After the second rebellion, the districts and the Capitol essentially underwent a constitutional republic government which is similar to a democracy. This shows that while President Snow was seen as a tyrant and created a dystopian society for the districts, when Commander Paylor took charge and established a republic government that the conditions of both the districts and the capitol increased drastically. 

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