Private, but not protected

I completely agree with Snowden’s claims on privacy in the United States. There have been so many times when I’ve searched something on my phone just to find an add about it pop up later that day or that week on another app. People rarely read the terms and conditions on a new app, so when we say we agree we are probably signing away our privacy rights which allows the apps to track us. It’s also pretty common knowledge that many companies like google and facebook use your information to give targeted advertisements, so the things that you search and say on your phone can be sold to advertising companies. The ability to connect to multiple people’s wifi allows your phone to track your location at all times even when you ask your phone not to track your location. Everything you do is being recorded in one way or another. Even if it isn’t being shared with another company, when people put their finger print or their face ID in their Iphones that information is stored and can be retrieved if necessary. Old text messages and pictures can be retrieved even if you deleted or unsent them which just goes to show that your private messages and encounters are never truly private.

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