Pre-production abilities

I am usually pretty good with working in a group, but if it’s a group of people that I don’t know then I am really shy if/until I get comfortable. I don’t mind working with other people as long as everyone can work together, but we’re usually able to come to a compromise in my experience. I don’t have issues when it comes to deciding on the topics and dividing the work. I personally think that even though I can work in a group I prefer to work alone and then come together in the end rather than working the whole project together if we all have different roles.

Depending on the platform that we’re using I think I can be fairly good with using technology to communicate with large audiences. If we have to do any editing then it would be difficult because I have never done any editing before, though I would like to learn. We haven’t decided how we’ll be doing our podcast yet, but I hope that it will be a platform that is either easy to use or easy to learn how to use. Public speaking does make me nervous, but because we’re not in person I’m assuming it would be voice only which I don’t think will be as bad.

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