Post-Podcast Thoughts

I can work with other people in a group, but I still prefer to work alone. The podcast project wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t as organized as I would have preferred. We should have spent more time trying to work together rather than do our parts separately. Because it was asynchronous, it was hard to meet up with the group and work on the project together due to scheduling conflicts. I don’t think that it was my best work, but I do think that I contributed quite a bit to the project. In a completely online setting, I don’t think my ability to work in a group is as strong because there’s so many complications that can occur all around. 

I am still not too strong using technology to communicate with large audiences over video because I didn’t do the editing for our project. We split our project into parts and assigned each person a task, since only one person knew how to edit she just did the editing herself. I did want to be involved in that process, but our schedules didn’t align and it was easier for her to just do the editing. I do think that I am pretty good at public speaking because it reminds me of performing a monologue on stage and it’s easy to get lost in the words, but that doesn’t necessarily have to include technology unless I have an additional presentation. 

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