Is the government trying to control sexual freedom?

I think that Freud was correct about the government being repressive of human nature. The government can be repressive to human nature because they want people to conform to what they believe is right rather than what people feel is right. Freud says it’s human nature for men to be aggressive and fulfill their sexual desires, but if you look at the government now there are laws trying to be put in place to prevent same sex marriage. Freud it seems was talking more about just sleeping with who you want, but if it’s your choice to be with or marry whoever you choose and the government is trying to take that right away due to their personal feelings. A person doesn’t choose their sexual orientation, so the government trying to prevent people from same sex marriage is the government being repressive towards their human nature.

I don’t think that there will ever be a government that is not repressive because everyone will have different ideas of what should or shouldn’t be morally acceptable based on personal beliefs. The likelihood of everyone agreeing on what should and shouldn’t be acceptable is slim to none because not everyone believes that certain actions or opinions are wrong. Freud spoke about incest being a mutilation of a man erotic life which I’m pretty sure meant that he believes a man may desire to have incestuous relations. This is seen as morally unacceptable, but according to Freud not everybody may feel that way and having rules/regulations against it would then be the government stepping on what that person believes is their human nature.

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