You Watching Me?

Panopticism is the belief of being watched is making someone act properly. Panopticism has been embedded in our society through many things. First I want to talk about black people at work or in school. We as black people always feel as if we are being watched to see if we are doing the right thing and if we are doing it just a little better than the white man because that is usually are bare minimum accepted at certain jobs. In school, all the teachers look at us blacks and automatically assume we are going to try and cheat our way through school, so the teacher is usually watching us closely and sometimes they may never look at us, but it always feels like they are so we always try and act proper in these situations. Lastly, I would say in public places like nice watch stores, shoe stores, luxury bag stores. We have been looked upon as thieves for so long that walking into these stores, we already think people are looking at us closer than they are other people, so we always try to act better than how we usually would, or as some black folks call it, we do our best to “act white”.

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