The Thinker I am

To me, I believe I am both a Utopian and Dystopian thinker. I say this because when I am in a good mindset and good mood, I tend to think about what life would be like if everything was how I dreamed it would be. How when I go outside in the morning, the sun is shining beautifully on my skin and the birds are chirping and the wind and air are calm. Also, because when things are going your way in life and you are getting things you worked so hard for and you are enjoying life, you always tend to think more positively. I feel that it is all about how your mood is.

            When being in my dystopian thinker mindset, I am usually looking too deep into the world and what is going on inside it. For instance, the government and all of its problems it is facing now. Especially me being a college student, if I fail a test and begin to be in a bad mood, I will tend to look at all the bad and observe it and deep think about everything I am seeing. Lastly, when I think about what the future of our world is going to be like. I sometimes believe America will fail and the government will take it into its own hands to control everything in our world. Whether it is when all people may go outside, eat, play, go to school, everything will be controlled and I fear this will actually be our future to come. 

            In conclusion, I believe the type of thinker you are, will be solely determined on the type of mood and environment you are in at the time. If things are not going your way, you might be in a dystopian mindset and if they are going your way you might be in a utopian mindset.

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