Should I Trust These People With My Privacy?

Me personally, I tend to share my privacy and location with delivery services. Delivery services such as Uber Eats, Door Dash and Grub hub. I allow these entities to view my privacy such as my home address, phone number and area code, because I trust them enough to only use it to deliver my food and forget all about it and because I always have my guard up just in case something may happen upon delivery or in future. I allow these sources to be in my privacy because in the end, I am receiving an award which is food. Some other entities I allow to view or be in my privacy is an app on my phone for my family and friends to see my location at all times of the day. I do this for safety precautions for me and them. Although someone may hack it, I still have some trust in Apple that this will not happen. Now there are somethings that I will not give access to my privacy to, because honestly, I do not believe some of the stuff these apps or search engines say. For instance, when google may ask for my location, I always think the government or hackers are looking for me or trying to hack my phone. So, when this question pops up on my phone I always select do not allow, unless it is necessary. For times when it may be necessary would be when I am looking for food places near me in an area where I am not familiar with. Lastly, some other things such as when an app may ask for your social security, it is very hard for me to put my full social security number in because once you do, it is just out their now in the open for anyone to take if it is not securely protected by the app. 

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