Freud was Wrooooong

To me I feel that Freud was wrong! Freud believed that to understand happiness you have to understand unhappiness. I am one to believe that if you have unhappiness in your life you move on and forget about it and be strong. I am not saying you don’t care about it, but instead just do not let it affect you in the future. Why let something small or anything at all ruin your future by trying to figure out the question “why”.

Me personally, I do not like when people ask me “well do you understand why you did this/that”, like no I don’t actually. Some times I just want to do things and see what the outcome brings and if it is bad and makes me unhappy then I won’t repeat that same act again and I will move on and find another way to find happiness and understand the feeling of happiness by doing that. I do not think you need to understand your unhappiness to understand your happiness simply because if you are happy then you are happy and if you are unhappy, then find something else to do until you feel happy and then you will understand what makes you happy!

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