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To me, the definition of a dystopia is when you, yourself, or others are in an imaginary society that you have no control over what is said or done and you living conditions are poor and you have very little money, say so, or choice. To support this definition I want to look back at Iris Young’s Five Faces of Oppression. In a dystopian society, the government is in control of everything, they watch you as you move around your house or community and they give you no space to be free. Two of young five faces of oppression really stand out to me, the first is powerlessness. In a dystopian society, the humans are powerless. They are powerless because they are withheld from valuable information because the government does not tell them anything and they have to obey what they are told from the government and if they do not, they are usually killed to set an example to the others in the community or they are thrown in jail.

The second Oppression from Young’s five faces of oppression I believe fits a dystopian society would be violence, which ties in to my last sentence from the previous paragraph. Violence is sometimes a problem for both the government and for the society. For example, the movie I watched for my research project, “The Thinning”. The Texas governors son, was one of the people kids who failed his exam to decide whether or not he would live or not. Now, although the government was the one who put this test in play to lower the population of the world annually and the Texas governor/dad was backing it up, he had to deal with this death/loss of his own son.

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