What is Dystopia?

Dystopia is a made up (Fictional) society that shows a future with terrible living conditions due to a governmental system controlled by higher class people. The upper-class people and government control the community and the people who live in it and take away their freedom and control their lives. Usually, the upper-class people are looked upon as Gods or very important people in these communities. When being in these communities there is no such thing is privacy, because these people are constantly being watched and looked at. Technology plays a big part in these circumstances, because it has become more powerful and is used to control these communities and even more control the people who live their minds. A lot of times in Dystopian communities, many people try to start a revolution, but these people are looked down upon by others in their community. For instance, the movie Hunger Games which is a movie about districts who are controlled by the upper class and government and are forced to send their children to battle when they are between the ages of 12 and 18 years old. In the movie, a character named Rue dies and her district starts a revolution and destroys their district. Another part of the movie that is really powerful is when Characters Katniss and Peeta were the last two standing in the battle and they are supposed to kill one or the other, but instead they decided to try and kill themselves and ruin the game, but the person who was over the game stopped them and ended the game. In turn, this resulted in the person who was in control of the game to kill himself, because the rest of the upper class did not agree with his decision because they felt as if Katniss and Peeta had control over them.

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