Climate Change

To me human caused oppression does affect the climate change in our society. Greenhouse gases are what makes the pollution in the world and contributes to climate change. For the most part this comes from the burning of fuels for energy, manufacturing, and transportation. For the most part, all of these are done by the elite or also known as the rich. Many people can argue that it is both the poor and rich, but what poor people do you know with cars and if they do, what money are they using to put gas in it? Exactly, there is no money for them to put gas in their tank, so how can they produce more pollution than the rich who use these things more. 

The rich and the wealthy use these things the most and yet do not pay the piper when the affects come back. A lot of the time, the people who pay the price are low-income people who barely make enough money to afford a house and if they do make enough to afford a house, it is a house close by or nearby some sort of major pollution system. Even if they already were there, they did not have the financial support or resources to move away from before it was too late, which caused trauma and death to these people. In conclusion, climate change is definitely a form of oppression because it is the people who pollute the most not being affected, instead it is the people who are not polluting the world as much and are not making as much money as the people who are producing the pollutants and getting off Scot free. This is not right because the people who are producing these toxins have the resources to help the other people, but are not doing so because it is not their concern I assume.

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