What Does Dystopia Look like?

Imagine a society that’s characterized by Oppression, illness, overcrowding and human misery, that’s my definition of dystopia. Many people say that’s our currently society, but if you take a look at other countries such as North Korea it shows more potently.

A while ago, I watch this documentary called “ Undercover in North Korea” by the National Geographic. In this documentary an eye doctor from the states, was allowed to travel to North Korea to help with their cataracts epidemic. The doctor decided to take a film crew to document his experience in North Korea. The doctor was allowed access to the country, because the epidemic was affecting most of the working class citizens. While the camera crew followed the doctor around, they also documented the living conditions, and the lifestyle in North Korea. They quickly realized that the people were malnourished, they were limited on Internet usage and media content. They were told where they could work, when they work, what they could eat , they also had to have a photo of their current dictator in their home. If they citizens disobey their ruler, they are often dealt with by the soldiers. There was even one incident in the documentary, where one of the dictators passed away, and the people were forced to cry, and if you did not cry, the soldiers would shoot you.

Overall, North Korea is the definition of a Dystopian society. The citizen are malnourished, suffering from disease, their every move is controlled by a dictator, and the country is overcrowded with not many resources. When I think the word Dystopia, I think of the many different places that relate to North Korea

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