Understanding the assignment.

Honestly speaking, I like the idea of working in groups. I feel that collaborating different ideas and different perspectives are essential for greater life missions and purposes. We must be comfortable in expressing our thoughts and energy into common goals to produce the greatest results. I have been challenged to work with groups on a number of levels of intensity and tasks at hand. Whether it was a relay race, fraternal programming, event planning, or debate, Ive always felt compelled to have a major contribution to the overall mission. I will say, however, sometimes I do embody a “my way or the highway” attitude if I feel that others are not taking into account the same level of understanding that I am. I am not hard to work with or present idea to, I just need to be presented with a logical and rationale plan or concept. 

Using technology to communicate with large audiences is something that Ive had to work through over time but have gotten better with experience. As a creative, I try to stray away from boring forms of expression to audience because I believe uniqueness and orginallity is what develops audiences. Especially in something like a podcast, one must be very transparent and relatable on the subject or speak in a manner thats desirable. I have done projects like presentations, podcast, music videos, and mini films. All of these avenues have required me to become comfortable with adapting new forms of technology is order to fulfill my vision.  

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