The imperfect “perfect” world

A dystopia is a place that supposedly unifies individuals but rather creates an opposite effect.

Being read in my high school years, I find this concept heavily imagined in the book 1984 by George Orwell. Here Orwell personifies a dark future with advances in technology infiltrating the public perception as merely an instrument for the higher classes society as a means to gain full control. The book goes into heavy details about geographical locations centralized and controlled by government parties and the ever so sought “big brother” figure.

In this story, “the party” or main political group takes all form of privacy and individualism. People are conditioned into “groupthink” with cameras watching every single move and tracking any forms of perceived rebellion. Language is also stripped from people, stripping them from any forms of indigenous cultures. This dystopian imagining seemed far fetched at its time but perpetuated vast parallels in todays world. As technology advances with aims to bring us together we slowly slip into some of the same concepts of a Dystopia.

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