5 Faces of America

The United States of America is fascinating in its sense of such highly regarded development being the same environment for the perpetuation of all of the faces of oppression expounded upon in the “The Five Faces of Oppression.” All of the five faces have repeatedly represent symbols of our nations development as well as the struggle for humanity. They represent a cyclic depiction of history that manifest in different shapes and forms. I will speak on two apparent a concurrent faces beginning with exploitation.

Everyone gets amazon packages delivered to their homes. We complain that the “amazon prime ain’t priming hard enough” when the package isn’t delivered in the next 24 hours that we deliver it. We’re impatient and just want out products. What many people don’t know are the conditions and environments that millions of amazon workers suffer across the country. Like capitals based jobs, employees are placed in an efficiency algorithm that determines their productivity. They work excessive hours on their feet with little to no breaks and constant threats to get fired. Many people make tic toks on how it must be working at amazon but employees are facing true oppression that is often ignored. Jeff Bezos takes away 120 million a day while the average employee walks away with a measly $150. With the demands of customers constantly increasing, faces similar to this cripples are people just “trying to make it through.”

Cultural imperialism, is a concept that can be seen as clear as day in my home area in the DC metropolitan area. In its roots, DC was known to be the “chocolate city” with very rich roots of black culture within its community. The area is extremely liberal and progressive known to be the first to legalize and favoring laws in democratic ideas. This essence however has been majorly stripped from its people with the extreme levels of gentrifiction taking places in all areas. These efforts have marginalized minority community to more confines and concentrated hoods as they cannot afford to live. White “young professionals,” are now moving into parts of southeast where they jog down the street and pick up a chai latte from the new Starbucks down the street. Most notably walking dogs through Howards campus and being told that they must clean after their dog is finished. 

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