Podcast Update: Battle Royale

My group and I worked together to ensure that everyone was able to watch the movie through whatever streaming app we chose. After watching the movie, we all scheduled a time for us to meet via zoom to start on our script. We then shared a Google Document with each other and began writing our script.

We started with our introduction that I actually really like, it’s very catchy, meaning it would have our audience engaged at the very beginning. Then we moved on to the brief summary where we made sure we explained the movie plot clear enough for our audience to understand without telling the movie scene by scene but making sure we include important details. Lastly, we each explained how we the movie lived up to each of our own versions of a dystopian society.

We all then read over and made adjustments if needed be to the script. We all worked together efficiently and we can’t wait for everyone to hear our podcast!

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Junior Psychology major from Port Arthur, TX.
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