Podcast Pre-Production

Here at Xavier, I have been apart of quite a few group projects and although they aren’t my favorite. I would just prefer to work alone because one, I am a bit introverted and two, I can always keep track of the progress of my work. But when I do have to participate in group assignments, I put the same effort, time, and motivation in just as I would when working alone. When working with others, I usually play the role of reminding my partners about upcoming dates and task just because I know sometimes I can be very forgetful. I do sometimes really enjoy working with others especially when our final outcome reflects our plans.

Social media is the number one way we can reach a large audience through technology. I am very familiar with almost any social media app but I don’t have the largest following. Although with the features of sharing, retweeting, and posting it is possible for any information I am trying to share to reach a good number of individuals.

About Ranyia Sinegar

Junior Psychology major from Port Arthur, TX.
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