The least dystopian form of government from out of the 3 listed in Leviathan to is a Democracy. A democratic government is the only form that is close enough to being able to run the U.S. society today. A democracy is a form of government where the power resides in all people willing to assemble for the sake of government. America is made up of over 300 million different people and with a democracy, representation can be present for everyone.

A monarchy government would not work simply because too much power is given to one person. That one person would often make choices that will benefit them and not their whole society. And it may not be purposeful, but selfishness for our well-being is in our human nature.

With an aristocracy, power is implemented into a group of people but just not anyone. Usually these people are in the highest class of society for example, the Royal Britain Family. With this form of government, I don’t think much opportunity is given to lower class citizens. And just because someone is born into great power does not mean they are fit to run a society.

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