Challenges of College

I think we can all look back and reminisce on our senior year of high school and the excitement we had about going to college. I mean the whole process was a feeling like no other. Getting accepted into all the schools we applied to, including our top choice, the thought of meeting new people, being away a from home for the first time, and just overall couldn’t wait for that HBCU experience. I remember shopping for my dorm with my mama and having my going away party not knowing that I was going to get just a taste of real life.

College has its highs and it has its lows and for the most part it seems like the lows tremendously outweighs the highs. We have to pay for our tuition with money we don’t really have, we deal with a baggage of stress from the continuous workload, and the long study nights to early mornings. Now do I think these aspects of college make America’s higher education system a dystopia? No.

I say this because we go through all of this and we still manage to thrive. Everything that we as students are going through, we manage to come out on top. We go through this long nights to do great on exams and at the end when we have our degrees, we’ll feel that it was all worth it. After college when actually face the real world, we are gonna go through so much dystopia, especially as minorities in America. And I think college in a way, prepares us for that wether if it’s worth it or not.

One thing I can say is a complete dystopia of college is the cost. Knowledge is free and should be accessible to everyone. Just from the word of mouth & actions we can learn from experts before us. So paying thousands of dollars for an education is outrageous to me.

None of the less, we can all agree college is a challenge but it is not and will not be the worst experience we will have in this country.

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Junior Psychology major from Port Arthur, TX.
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