I envision the ideal society to be a place where no one ever gets sick, the powerful do not prey on the weak, and everyone is treated with equal respect and dignity. A major factor that would allow this utopian society to thrive is that it has to be a place of ideal perfection in laws, government, and social conditions. What this means to me is that no matter where you are in this utopian society, you are in a place that is supposed to benefit you no matter what you may be doing. You are not in nation where the government was specifically made for a certain group or race to thrive over another. It also means that the people in that territory do not try marginalize and put you in a box, rather they will look at you and treat you as equals completely understanding that are just like them. The only thing that should truly separate one person from another is how they look. A utopian society in which everybody has the same caring mindset that uplifts each other all in order to better themselves and their nation at the same time. as a leader I would try my best to enforce a open mindset. the reason I say this is because in order for a nation too thrive we must not look at people with a biased mindset. this means when we interact with people on an everyday basis we must not look at their physical self rather, look at for what they could or what they are currently dealing with. Another major thing for me is that medical care and basic nutrition must be something that is distributed fairly. some people need more attention in this area compared to other. As such, in order for people to live a life full of longevity basic things such as medicine and food must be dealt out to people who are in true need of it.

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I'm a person who enjoys watching movies or playing video games relaxing. I try to gym as often as possible so I can maintain a healthy lifestyle and body. I am also a big fan of plants, especially in the household.
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